Rotten is a self published art book made during the final semester of my undergraduate studies in 2006 under the guidence of David Tillinghast and Rob Clayton. It is the artistic and technical culmination of my focus at Art Center College of Design.  Having learned processes from skilled masters, of letterpress, printmaking, and paper-making,  it combines traditional and contemporary media and techniques.  The book is a compilation of processes and mediums such as linoleum block, letterpress, charcoal rubbing, photogravure, salt print, cyanotype, film negative, photo copier, drawing, sewing, and photoshop thus creating a visually rich, and completely unique book.

Thematically, Rotten relates to the conscious and subconscious childhood memories that percolate in deep meditative states early in the morning. The book’s title and framework is derived from one of my short stories based on one of these adolescent memories.